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Color: We all love it, but it can drive you batty!

We use two color modes when we're designing - CMYK when designing for print; and RGB when designing for the web. The two sets of samples shown below show that colors convert from one to the other fairly well, but not to perfection.

We're not going to get into all the various technical reasons why or how colors are represented via various media.

Of the visible color range, each palette or gamut contains a portion of the total range. RGB covers more of the total spectrum than CMYK does. That's why RGB to CMYK conversions can look “funky.”

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My Image

As shown here, what you see is not always what you get. Since monitors display in RGB, and are largely uncalibrated, there is often a disconnect between what you see on the monitor and what is printed.

Since our main focus is printing, we always begin the design using the CMKY color space. Although smaller than the RGB space, conversions are easier.

For a more reliable color conversation, we use Pantone color system. For reference, please review the Pantone Color Chart which includes their CMKY values. This is the color chart we use as a basis for design. The conversion from solid PMS color to CMYK color is not perfect, but close.

Below are a couple more RGB to CMYK conversion samples to ponder.

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RGB Colors

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CMYK Colors

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RGB Colors

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CMYK Colors

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