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Fossler Custom Seals

Following the success of anniversary seals, the Stephen Fossler Company began manufacturing custom seals. These custom seals can include company logos and artwork which communicate everything from a company identity to a marketing theme used on brochures and promotional materials.

Constantly monitoring and improving quality is an ongoing priority with the Fossler Company. Every person at every step of the process from customer service through shipping is challenged to not only ensure that each seal is of excellent quality, but that every customer has a great experience in the process.

Old World Craftsmanship
While everything in business is going digital, little has changed in the production of Fossler Seals. A digital workflow is now used for order entry and to prepare the artwork for etching into the embossing die. The actual process of making seals still requires old world craftsmanship which depends heavily on the skills and experience of the pressmen.

100% Guarantee
Stephen Fossler embossed foil seals communicate quality, beauty and elegance. Quality so good it is 100% guaranteed.

To review actual samples, click on custom seal Samples.

To review design elements, click Ink Samples on Foil to review how the standard ink colors look on the three standard foil colors. Click on Shapes and Sizes to look at some of the various shapes and sizes of seals available.

The Art of the Seal
Old world craftsmanship and technology produce the level of quality and deep embossing that are the hallmarks of a Genuine Fossler Seal™.

Metal dies are necessary to achieve the elegant deep embossing and precise registration which have become Fossler signatures. As each job is different and may require special set-up to achieve the desired amount of embossing; skilled pressmen must perform the critical hand set-up steps.

The production process is closely monitored and seals are constantly evaluated for depth of embossing, ink coverage, registration and a number of other quality factors. Seals are inspected throughout the production process and can be rejected by any worker at any time if an error or quality problem is detected. All orders are examined by the production supervisor providing yet another level of quality control. Making the world's finest seals is something everyone takes seriously.

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