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Custom Word Proposal

Designed from the ground up with Word and can be filled in on screen and saved in a separate file. Print or save in PDF format to send to your customer. If changes are needed in the contract, simply open the file, make changes, and save.

Please note: The text of the form cannot be edited, only the text in the input areas can be edited. A logo cannot be added to these forms.

Requires Word 2003 or newer; may work with earlier versions; experience with Word very helpful.

Pricing includes the following features:

  • Add a logo to this produce.
  • Choose a typestyle for your company name.
  • Custom personalization including color logos and colored text as you specify. Type styles will be matched as closely as possible to your sample.
  • Custom headers automatically added when job description forces a new page to be added.
  • Custom set of Terms and Conditions that you provide.
  • Insertion of up to 3 additional pages that you provide.
  • All custom text, terms, and clauses are to be provided in a Word doc.
  • All setup charges.
  • All production costs.
  • Page 1: Proposal.
  • Page 2: Standard set of Additional Terms and Conditions.
  • Pages 3-6: Specification pages.
  • All setup charges.
  • All production costs.
  • Additional customization available by estimate; just let us know what your requirements are.


To Order:

  • Click + on left edge of window to complete and submit Imprint Submission form.
  • When you've added all the forms you want to the cart then click Checkout Now in the cart overlay to complete purchase.
  • You will receive order confirmation and proofs via email.
  • Completed file will be emailed.
  • Payments: We are using Paypal to process our payments. You do not need a Paypal account to purchase from us. Choose "Don't have a Paypal account" when you get to the payment page.

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