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Ready-to-Use PDF California Home Improvement Contract

Complies with the the California State License Board (CSLB) requirements for jobs valued more than $500 that include home improvement. Click here to review requirements updated to 1/1/21 standard.

Completely unpersonalized; you add the company info and details into the form. You can conveniently copy text from Word into the form.

Designed to be used with Adobe Acrobat Reader and can be filled in on screen, printed and saved with unique names in PDF format. If changes are needed in the contract, simply open the file, make changes, print the changed pages and save again. Just as any other program file.

Please note: The text of the form cannot be edited, only the text in the input areas can be edited. A logo cannot be added to these forms.

Pricing includes the following pages:

  • Page 1: Home Improvement Contract.
  • Page 2: Standard set of Additional Terms and Conditions.
  • Page 3: Mechanics Lien, California State License Board info, and insurance clauses.
  • Page 4: Three Day or Five Day Right-to-Cancel Notice, Waiver of Right-to-Cancel, and Notice of Cancellation.
  • Page 5-8: Contract Specification pages.


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