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Ready-to-Use Word California Service & Repair Contract

Complies with the the California State License Board (CSLB) requirements for jobs valued at no more than $750. Click here to review requirements.

Designed from the ground up with Word and can be filled in on screen and saved in a separate file. Print or save in PDF format to send to your customer. If changes are needed in the contract, simply open the file, make changes, and save.

Please note: The text of the form cannot be edited, only the text in the input areas can be edited. A logo cannot be added to these forms.

Requires Word 2003 or newer; may work with earlier versions; experience with Word very helpful.

Ready-to-Use Word California Service & Repair Contract

Pricing includes the following pages:

  • Service & Repair Contract.
  • Your Rights to Cancel Before Work Begins and insurance clauses.
  • Standard set of Additional Terms and Conditions.
Ready-to-Use form features:
  • Delivered in word template format so original stays intact.
  • Unpersonalized; heading can be changed any time.
  • Form areas locked so accidental changes cannot happen.
  • Description of Project area completely unlocked to allow full use of Word's editing and formatting capabilities.
  • Description area can be a long as required.
  • Last two pages always stay as separate pages.

Click below to download a fully functional sample of your choice:

Ready-to-Use Word California Service & Repair Contract


Ready-to-Use Word California Service & Repair Contract with Contract No.


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