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Foil Colors & Weights

Foil Colors

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Foil Weights

Standard Weight Foil

This classic series is a more economical seal made with all the quality and care you would expect to find in an Old World crafted seal. This foil meets the needs of volume users and those desiring the high quality appeal of embossed foil at a great price.

Heavy Weight Foil

Our most popular series, seals struck on Heavy Gold, Silver, and Bronze Foil offer rich - deep embossing.  Heavy Weight Foil is the choice when moderate priced high performance elegance is a must!  Heavy weight foil means Eye Impact… and these seals draw the eye, the touch, and the heart to everything they adorn.  This series offers a superior seal at a moderate price from the World's Finest Seal makers. Gold & Silver are also available in a brushed satin finish.

Ultra Weight Foil

This series is struck on Ultra Weight Foil to produce the most deeply embossed and most elegant seal available today.  These are the heavyweights in the world of seals. Use them when an opulent and elegant impression is mandatory.  The perfect choice when only the most glamorous and compelling seal will do. Each Seal is pure delight!  Heavy embossing on Ultra Weight Foils in Gold, Silver, and Bronze . . .  these are Seals of unmistakable and unmatched quality . . . each embodies the prestige, durability and stature of the finest struck emblem.

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